Farm Update, May 2023

Harvest Schedule

My main harvest days are currently Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The transplant crew works on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we focus on getting plants in the ground on those days. Harvest days will increase as produce does. I hope you got to enjoy the cauliflower! It was late this year, but worth the wait! Below is a picture of the lettuce being soaked before it gets transplanted out into the field.

Rock star transplanters!

2023 Farm Experiments

Every season, we try new things in hopes of increasing efficiency and becoming better farmers. Some ideas stick, some are quickly forgotten and some we still laugh about. This season, I am most excited to try living pathways! We spend way to much time and energy trying (and usually failing) to maintain pathways. This past winter, I read an article by a farmer who mows their paths with a battery operated lawn mower! In addition to being easier than the long list of things we have tried, leaving roots in the soil increases soil health and reduces erosion. We are also trying wider beds, which means less pathways.

As you may know, Camano has rocky soil! We’ve been diligently picking up all the rocks in the pathways, so they don’t break my brand new mower!
I got a 16″ battery powered lawn mower to mow the pathways! Fingers crossed this saves a TON of work!

Ongoing Farm Improvements

I am continuing my transition to a reduced tillage farm and incorporating more regenerative farming practices. You may have seen me using a walk behind tractor in the fields. This is used to flail mow old crops and cover crops (chops them into tiny pieces, so they decompose quickly in the field) and power harrow which makes a nice seeds bed without tilling.

BCS walk-behind tractor with power harrow attached. We covered these beds with compost in the fall, then covered with plastic over the winter. Early this spring, we pulled back the plastic, ran the power harrow and were ready to transplant! 

Where else you can find my produce?

Stocking my farm stand is my number one priority, but you can find my produce in a few other places. I will be a vendor at the Stanwood Farmer’s Market on Fridays starting in July. The Skagit Table cooks up grab and go meals at a brand new location in Mount Vernon. They used my cauliflower and will be using other produce as I have more to offer. Scratch Cooking is a prepared meal delivery service to Camano Island and parts of Stanwood. Chef Paul has been using my produce in many of his meals. I encourage you to check out both of these great chefs and it’s a great way to eat my produce without having to prepare the meal yourself!

Farm to Table Event on June 15th

Chef Courtney of The Skagit Table (formerly of Rainbow Eats) will create another of her incredible farm to table events. Her June 15th dinner will be hosted here on the farm. Chef Courtney creates a one of a kind eating experience and sources all produce and protein for the meal from local farmers. A farm tour is included! For more information and to purchase ticketsclick here for her website

Meet new people and support local businesses while enjoying a delicious locally produced meal!

Thank you!

I greatly appreciate all of you for your support and for shopping at my farm stand!! The local food system is more important than ever right now. I would not be here without you! Farming on Camano brings me joy and keeps my life very interesting!

-Farmer Rachel