Next Project: Convert Horse Fence to Deer Fence

The local deer are enjoying meals of my rye grass and vetch cover crop! They have also learned that I have terrible aim and the rocks I throw will not hit them.

We used the tractor to pull out a bunch of the horse fencing.

2014-11-19 001 010 (640x480)2014-12-13 001 003 (640x480)

Our next step is to extend the existing fence the length of my property. It will be much higher than the horse fence!

I plan to only fence areas where I will grow crops. There is plenty for the deer to eat on the edges of my property that I am leaving wild to provide natural habitat to hopefully attract birds and beneficial insects!

2014-12-10 001 003


Propagation Greenhouse Construction

The propagation greenhouse or prop house is a warm, sunny place for seeds to germinate and grow until they are ready to be transplanted into the field! I will start my seeds in plug trays:

?????????????????????????????The majority of the prop house was built from reused materials! We decided to build it off one side of the barn, so we only had to construct three walls!

2014-11-13 001 023 (640x480)The city greenhouse my dad made for me became the corners and middle of the prop house.

photo (2)2014-11-19 001 002 (640x414)Removing walls in the barn left us with a pile of plywood and 2 x 6 boards that made up the rest of the prop house frame and walls!2014-12-02 001 030 (640x480)Horse stall pads are now the prop house floor. They are super heavy!

2014-12-02 001 027 (480x640)Both end walls have sliding glass doors and the triangle above the door pops out for ventilation

2014-12-02 001 029 (640x480)

Now the tables have been added and I am ready to start seeds!!

2014-12-10 001 019 (480x640)A huge THANK YOU to my dad for all his planning, material scavenging and work!!

Thank you to our friend, Satch, for his help constructing the tables!