Summer is Here!

Harvest Update

Summer has finally arrived!! Personally, I much prefer the cooler weather, but my crops have been enjoying the sunny, warmer weather. We are starting to harvest tomatoes and cucumbers, they always start slowly, but hopefully we will be getting more quantity soon! The green beans are getting very close (I ate a small one yesterday), so watch for those to start showing up in the farm stand in the next week or so. The zucchini is still mad about the cold spring. The plants are not recovering well, so cross your fingers they will start to produce soon! I do update my website daily, so click here to see what produce is available.

We are busy turning over beds and transplanting fall and overwinter crops. It often feels that life on the farm is living a season ahead. My goal is to keep the farm stand open until Thanksgiving. I am really hoping for good growing weather through the fall to make up for the challenges of this past spring. Every year is different and there is never a shortage of lessons learned in farming!!

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes!!

Farm To Table Dinners

Chef Courtney of Rainbow Eats does a truly amazing job creating these events from all locally produced goods including all the meal ingredients, the flowers and all of the table decorations. These events are a great way to meet new people, eat good food and support many locally owned small businesses. The last dinner included ingredients, flowers and other goods from 16 local businesses! 

We have two more dinners scheduled this year on August 13th and October 8th. On Friday, September 29th, there will be a happy hour on the farm featuring heavy appetizers. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here for Rainbow Eats website. If you cannot make these dates, Chef Courtney has additional dates at other farms on her website. I highly recommend anything Courtney is involved in!! 

Thank you!!! I greatly appreciate all of you for your support and for shopping at my farm stand!! The local food system is more important than ever right now. I would not be here without you! Farming on Camano brings me joy and keeps my life very interesting! 

If you want more about what we are up to here on the farm, find me on Facebook and/or Instagram under Island Harvest Farm.

Stay Safe and Healthy out there!!