Island Harvest Happenings

Never a dull day on the farm!

The greens and radishes are done in the hoop house. Today, dad and I started clearing and preparing the beds to get ready for…TOMATOES!! The tomatoes are ready for more space and a new home! We hope to have them transplanted into the hoop house by the end of the week!


photo by Tracie Howe (
photos by Tracie Howe (

Thanks to a grant from the HumanLinks Foundation, I now have an automated irrigation system! No more watering entire fields like this…

2015-05-04 001 021

The system was delivered in a bunch of boxes

2015-04-28 001 002

Little by little, those boxes of parts disappeared!

2015-05-13 001 003     2015-05-07 001 011

Many wonderful people have helped with farm projects in May! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me!

My brother and my 3 year old nephew helped make the parking lot!

132-1 2015-05-04 001 010

My mom, grandma and great aunt helped seed flats!

2015-05-13 001 008

The RISE Now Seattle Chapter spent a day building beds, transplanted some lettuce and then we had the first BBQ of the year!

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Ben Laine fills in from time to time as the Island Harvest Weekend Farm Manager, allowing me to leave the farm without having to worry about my baby plants drying out in the propagation greenhouse!


My dad works on the farm everyday! I am so thankful for his unwavering support, his expertise and the chance to spend my days with him creating this farm!

2015-05-18 001 008

The farm stand is Open! It is starting slowly, but will fill up as the weather warms up! Watch the signs by the road for an idea of what is in the farm stand!

2015-05-04 001 022

Last, but not least, it turns out that I now have a gorgeous clematis!

2015-05-18 001 014